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Rural Connectivity and Digital Centers Project

At OhmyFi we are mega proud to contribute to the improvement of people’s quality of life through the The most important rural connectivity project in the history of our country, which seeks to bring free internet to 14,745 schools that will be connected 24/7 through digital centers.

This initiative of the National Government (MinTIC) will provide and guarantee free and quality Internet for 11 years to the entire community, and seeks not only to benefit schools, principals and students, but also all inhabitants of rural areas.

Now thousands of students and inhabitants of rural areas will be able to access the Internet free of charge from digital centers to study, train, do work, research, undertake and carry out online procedures, which will contribute to the competitiveness and productivity of the regions.

It is estimated that more than 1,000,000 students and inhabitants of rural areas will benefit from this mega project.

Our technology, which has been betting on social issues and the sustainability of companies for more than 6 years, today allows us to contribute to the development of the country in one of its largest and most ambitious projects. Where our main function, in addition to radiating the internet, is to prepare a model where WiFi not only provides Internet connection, but goes far beyond enabling people to connect and through their interests can show them content that helps promote their education, employment and contributes to the improvement of their quality of life.

The rural connectivity project began with the activation of the first five digital centers in the township of Campeche located in the municipality of Baranoa, Atlántico. It was attended by President Iván Duque and ICT Minister Karen Abudinen. The ICT ministry’s goal is to connect all 10,000 digital centers by December 31, 2021.

The project award was divided into two regions (A and B). The first was awarded to the operator Comcel S.A., Claro’s holding company, which will be in charge of the Internet service of each of the digital centers in region A and with whom we will be working together on the Internet service. WiFi Marketing (WiFi Points or Captive Portals) for the departments of Antioquia, San Andrés, Atlántico, Caldas, Caquetá, Cesar, Córdoba, Guainía, Guaviare, Huila, La Guajira, Meta, Norte de Santander, Santander, Sucre, Tolima and Vaupés.

On the other hand, in Region B, 7,277 Digital Centers will be connected in the departments of Amazonas, Arauca, Bogotá, D.C. Bolívar, Boyacá, Casanare, Cauca, Chocó, Cundinamarca, Magdalena. Nariño, Putumayo, Quindío. Risaralda, Valle del Cauca and Vichada.

“This is not an achievement for OhmyFi, but for all the people, friends, family, entities, foundations, who either thanks to advice, a few words of encouragement, an endorsement or in another way believed in creating a country, supporting the less favored people and “berracas” who want to get ahead by relying on technology and free Internet access, they called us crazy and dreamers; Today we can say that crazy dreams come true.” – Diego Rodríguez, CMO of OhmyFi.

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