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Create audiences in a brick-and-mortar business for Facebook or Instagram Ads campaigns

Reaching your target audience properly, in addition to the fact that you can significantly reduce your investment in advertising, obtaining the same and even better results, is perhaps one of the most important parts if we want to have a profitable business. And to grow any business, it’s key to attract highly qualified people to buy from us.

Properly segmenting our target audience can be “easy” if we have a digital business. But, what if we want to create audiences from a physical business, how possible is it to do this? And how can we create audiences from a commercial location?

In this article, we’re going to show you how you can create custom audiences from a brick-and-mortar business. A very useful resource, especially if we want to interact with customers again. For example. We can create custom audiences to invite customers to revisit your brick-and-mortar business or send them offers and promotions via Facebook, or Instagram Ads.

How to create Custom Audiences

To create custom audiences in a physical business, all you have to do is set up the free WiFi that you provide to your customers with the WiFi Marketing tool. This tool will allow you to create and segment audiences, as well as know the tastes and preferences of your customers.

Once the WiFi Marketing tool is installed, your customers will need to interact with personalized question options, forms, or ads before they can connect to your business’s free WiFi.

By allowing your customers to connect to your business’s WiFi using the WiFi Marketing tool, you will be able to capture data throughout their visit. This is how we can obtain your contact details, social profile, demographics, interests and behaviors, which are sent to the “Dashboard” platform so that you can then segment or create custom audiences.

When creating custom audiences in the Dashboard, we can download them to import them directly to Facebook using the option Audiences and create personalized audiences there and impact these customers through more efficient campaigns, which are aimed at satisfying their tastes and preferences that we have previously known through the WiFi Marketing tool.

Lookalike audiences for your Facebook or Instagram Ads campaigns

Another option that we can use is to create similar audiences with these databases. Keep in mind that databases would be nourished by customers who already visit you and therefore, by creating a similar audience, Facebook will do everything possible to bring you closer to possible users who resemble those in the database, with which, you can have a very good impact and reach a much larger audience.

When we create custom audiences through the OhmyFi platform, we can impact them through different mechanisms, such as social networks, email marketing, SMS or WhatsApp. We can use any type of campaign and employ any type of marketing strategy to generate, for example, the sale of a product, send notifications, offers or promotions or simply highlight the product you want.

On this occasion, we wanted to show you how you can size up all the data that you can capture in your physical business and take it to social networks to generate much more efficient campaigns that allow you to sell much more.

Benefits of creating custom audiences from a brick-and-mortar business

It’s easy to create custom audiences from visitors to your business or commercial premises (just install the WiFi Marketing tool and voila) and it’s even easier to build custom audiences from the data you capture through the free WiFi you offer in your business.

Undoubtedly, the advantages that a business has when creating custom audiences are many. Especially, because it allows us to optimize ads according to the interests of the audience, explore new options and combinations, and segment our campaigns with greater flexibility to reach exactly who we want.

In addition, having custom audiences from a physical business is a greater advantage, since customers have visited you, interacted with you or simply bought from you. Therefore, when creating marketing campaigns, it is easier for them (customers) to interact with your brand again, since they have been close to your business or already know you.

Creating audiences from a physical business not only allows marketing campaigns to reach the audience we want, but also allows us to expand the possibilities and options by creating similar audiences on Facebook or Instagram Ads.

Another important benefit is that we can create custom audiences based on the client’s intent and with it, decrease advertising costs, since this type of strategy gives you the opportunity to target only potential customers using creative and relevant offers.

Steps to implement custom audience creation from a brick-and-mortar business

If you want to start creating custom audiences in your physical business (Offline), the first step you must be clear about is that in your business you must be offering free WiFi to your customers, since it is through this (WiFi) that the WiFi Marketing tool is implemented, in which the captive OhmyFi portal is created through which your customers or users must necessarily pass to view or leave information that leads them to connect to your business’s free WiFi.

Once the WiFi Marketing tool is installed, you will be able to capture the information of the customers who visit you and feed your databases. Such information will be essential to differentiate your business. By using this data and analyzing contact data, social profile, demographics, interests, and behaviors, we will be able to create custom audiences using the OhmyFi Dashboard.

By segmenting and creating custom audiences on the OhmyFi platform, we can download the database and import it into Facebook Ads through the business manager, public tools > . Once this is done, we will be able to create custom audiences by uploading the list or database of customers who have interacted with your business and through marketing strategies direct them to specific actions that allow us to generate more sales, offer them an offer or promotion, or highlight the product you want.

Let our experts do a free analysis of your business and show you how you can implement WiFi Marketing to get 1 in 2 customers to return to your business weekly.

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