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Colombian company seeks to connect Latin Americans with open WiFi networks

The world is moving every day towards a future where public entities focus on the development and transformation of cities towards smart cities, that is, urban environments that use advanced connectivity technologies, data collection, data analysis, energy efficiency, among other things to improve the quality of life of citizens. Although small steps are being taken in this direction in Latin America, companies such as OhmyFi are already working on the development of WiFi solutions that allow a better understanding of users in different spaces and promote products or services adapted to their needs.

Since its inception in 2016, this Colombian company has experienced exponential growth throughout the region, with the country being its main market. It has established itself as part of the portfolio of the main telecommunications companies in Colombia, such as Tigo, Claro or Telefónica. Currently, through its technologies, it connects more than 30 million monthly users in nearly 22,000 WiFi points, covering not only Colombia but also extending to international markets such as Peru and Guatemala.

However, this vision and progress towards a future in which connectivity technologies will be fundamental for the transformation of cities and countries is due to Liceth Orozco, who two years ago decided to assume the position of CEO of OhmyFi after having held roles as a manager and director in companies in various sectors of the industry.

“The best way to define the work of this company is to consider it a platform through which companies manage and generate value to the open Wi-Fi networks they offer to their customers or users. In other words, we develop software with a mission focused on two areas. First, we help organizations in their digital transformation process, increasing their sales and digital strategies. Second, our main mission is to reduce the social gap for people with fewer resources through free access to the Internet,” says Orozco.

One of the most outstanding projects in the trajectory of this company founded by Oswaldo and Diego Rodríguez, were the Digital and Rural Connectivity Centers that they carried out in alliance with the Ministry of ICT, where they managed to create WiFi zones in more than 7,500 points throughout the country. promoting the development and democratization of Internet access.

However, the new management of this company recalls that they have participated in large-scale projects, such as connectivity at the Movistar Arena or Compensar. At the same time, they have carried out philanthropic initiatives, such as the project at the Luis Carlos Sarmiento Angulo Cancer Treatment and Research Center (CTIC).

“Thanks to our partnerships with large hardware developers, we have demonstrated our versatility and evolution by constantly redesigning our equipment to be at the forefront of technological needs. This is how we managed to integrate technologies such as JAWS, to facilitate access to the WiFi network for people with visual disabilities,” Orozco emphasizes.

Importantly, the company’s advancement and growth comes at a time when renowned consulting firm Grand View Research noted that the global Wi-Fi analytics market size was valued at US$6.65 billion in 2023, and is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 23.9% between 2024 and 2030.

Its growth will be driven by the development and growth of wireless fidelity analysis (Wi-Fi) software in sectors such as retail, the restaurant and hotel industry, travel and transportation, among others. This will be used to improve physical designs, business operations, marketing and advertising initiatives, according to the international consultancy, which considers this aspect as an important driver of market growth.

OhmyFi’s path to success has been supported by several awards and business strengthening programs. From its participation in the Apps.co business incubator, the acceleration by Wayra Colombia, the support and recognition of the program to strengthen tech ventures of Endeavor Colombia and JP Morgan, to its most recent participation in the InnPulsa program: Aldea Escala.

She says her leadership has overcome challenges, especially in an industry traditionally dominated by men. It highlights the importance of diversity and inclusion in business success, committing to contribute to a more equitable future in the tech sector.

Orozco adds that by 2025 they seek to become the leading technological solution for the development of strategic marketing and digital advertising at the point of sale through WiFi in LATAM, focused on data, user experience and the fulfillment of our clients’ objectives. “We are projected to increase turnover in more Latin American countries and generate business units that will increase the sales achieved the previous year by at least 50%, in addition to connecting at least 50 million users throughout the region.”

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