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The main marketing tools to sell more in your company

Learn about the most important marketing tools that will help you sell more and with which you can optimize your company’s actions, maintain good management, diffusion and constant growth.

Marketing tools are solutions that companies look for to generate more business opportunities, reduce the cost of acquiring a customer, and implement basic or advanced strategies to address a large volume of information, speed up processes, and improve results.

Many of the fundamental tools: they are responsible for obtaining information from users or customers to improve their strategies, communicate effectively and manage marketing campaigns that take them to the next level.

In this post, we are going to introduce you to the best marketing tools and how they can help you optimize your company’s actions in different channels, whether physical or digital.

Marketing tool for your brick-and-mortar business

WiFi marketing or WiFi marketing is an ideal tool for physical businesses, its operation is based on capturing relevant information from the users who visit your business, and then use it appropriately in the implementation of more effective digital strategies.

WiFi marketing is an incredible tool, as it allows us to get to know our customers or users, interact with them through surveys or questions, show advertising for products or services that we want to highlight or offer promotions to our users in a segmented way.

How does WiFi marketing work? It is generally used in businesses or companies that offer free WiFi to their customers, and it is through this (WiFi) that a captive portal is created, where the user must pass (view or leave information), to then connect correctly to the free internet offered by the establishment.

The information that is captured through the captive portal is used to implement more effective digital marketing strategies, since by knowing the preferences of customers, we can show them or deliver what they are really interested in or looking for. Likewise, when the user is connected to the captive portal, they can be shown advertising of the establishment, with the products or services that they want to highlight. You can also monetize your WiFi networks by displaying advertisements from other brands.

Rates: It is a tiered fee that depends a lot on the technology applied and the amount of Access Points used. Generally, connecting the WiFi marketing tool at an Access Point (AP) usually starts at $50,000 Colombian pesos and it all depends on how many APs you need in your business.

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All-in-one marketing tools

When it comes to marketing,
all-in-one solutions
They are platforms that allow us to manage, administer and automate marketing phases on the same platform. Therefore, we can have centralized the information of our users or customers in the same place, without the need to jump between platforms.

These types of tools help us with tasks such as lead management, email scheduling and automation of strategies based on inbound marketing, analytics, content creation, social media management and the incorporation of sales CRMs with which it is easy to keep track of users.

Within this type of tool, our favorite and recommended is Hubspot. The problem with Hubspot is its price, although it does have a free version for entrepreneurs.

It is an ideal tool that is based on the inbound marketing strategy with which you can offer value to attract your customers.

With Hubspot we have multiple tools that will help your business grow and with which you can create:

Web forms, pop-up forms, live chats to capture leads, a CRM that analyzes the behavior of your website visitors, advanced automation of inbound marketing strategies, social media management that facilitates the work of the community manager, a website or landing page builder and that also has tools that help you improve your SEO practices.

The list seems endless, but it also helps you build your buyer persona based on the details of their behavior, that is, where the user has interacted and what content they liked the most and segment the information for each user.

With this tool we can learn many more details and improve them all; Our recommendation is that you check out all the benefits that Hubspot can give you and adapt them to the needs of your company.

Rate: It has free tools for entrepreneurs and tiered tools that start at $45 USD per month.

Marketing Tools for Web Analytics and Measurement

With Google Analytics we can measure the marketing efforts we are making for a website. This tool provides us with very valuable user information, with which we can analyze and make decisions in favor of improving the processes that lead us to optimize our website, in order to have a constant growth.

Google Analytics can show us who is visiting our website, where they are connecting from, even what device they are using to connect to the website. It can also show us which pages users spend most of their time on. In addition, it allows us to set and measure business objectives. And track events that allow us to learn about what generates the most engagement with your users.

Fee: It’s a totally free tool.

Using this tool gives us the ability to monitor, maintain, and troubleshoot our websites in Google search results.

Google Search Console helps us tell Google which pages of our website to index in order to appear in its search engine. It also helps us solve problems with malicious software or spam.

With this tool we can easily monitor our organic traffic, which allows us to measure the marketing strategies that are being implemented in terms of SEO.

Fee: It’s a totally free tool.

Hotjar, on the other hand, allows us to analyze the way users navigate our website, which leads us to have a better understanding of users’ interests and needs.

This marketing tool is ideal for identifying which areas of our website users visit the most and what they do during that visit. Therefore, it allows us to understand your behavior while browsing our website and thus be able to offer you products or services that meet your needs.

Fare: You can start using this tool for free, however, you should keep in mind that this version has many limitations. It has tiered plans starting at $39 USD per month.

Marketing Trends Tools

This is another of the best digital marketing tools, which without a doubt, you should take into account for your business.

Google Trends is an ideal tool for any business that wants to know what’s happening in their industry. It shows you a total of searches related to the keyword you select, as well as trends in regions in different parts of the world.

It is a tool that will help you know the tastes and trends of your customers. And therefore, to structure a strategy to gain many more potential leads.

Fee: It’s a totally free tool.

With Google Market Finder you can analyze new markets for your products or services. If you are thinking of expanding your business or getting new customers, this marketing tool can be very useful, as it allows you to locate possible markets for your company and analyze the viability of reaching other areas with your products or services.

Basically, it is a powerful marketing tool to research markets, which is based on the search that users have carried out around the world with certain keywords in different languages and countries. This tool provides us with statistics on trends, keywords and user behaviors and all of this can be classified by geographical regions.

In short, Google Market Finder will help you get the best markets for your company, providing you with statistics that you can analyze and research to determine the viability of taking your business to other regions.

Fee: It’s a totally free tool.

SEO Tools

Search engine optimization tools have a fundamental objective, which is to help companies improve the position of their web pages in search engines such as Google.

In this type of tools, we find many platforms with very special functions, such as keyword research that we need to attract our users or customers and optimize our website through the information that these types of tools can provide us.

Ahrefs is one of the most complete tools for SEO, it will help us to increase traffic and improve the positioning of our website.

With Ahrefs we can have a complete analysis of how our website is doing in relation to the competition. In addition, it allows you to check which of all your competitors is at the top of the list of the first places and which are their pages with the best positioning.

It’s a perfect tool to identify opportunities where you can position your website and get ideas to improve your content or marketing strategies.

Pricing: This is a very robust tool that doesn’t have a free version and its tiered rates start at $99 USD per month.

MOZ is also a super tool to work on SEO and optimize websites, based on SEO techniques. It has a set of extremely interesting tools that will help improve the results of your business.

The tool makes it easier for us to evaluate web pages and helps us to verify which are the most important pages considering their content and the number of visits they receive. In addition, it allows us to validate the authority of each of the pages of the website.

Another relevant aspect of the MOZ tool is that it issues alerts about possible errors to improve on the site.

What are the main features of MOZ? Some of the main functions of this tool are:

  • Keyword Explorer. It helps us choose the keywords.
  • Open Site Explorer. It makes it easy for us to see the strength and authority of the website.
  • Open Page Grader. This resource helps us optimize pages to get a better position in search engines.
  • Crawl Test. It’s a crawler that helps us analyze links from a URL
  • Fresh Web Explorer. It shows us in real time, a keyword and the sites from which it was requested.

It should be noted that these are just some of the functionalities of the MOZ tool. Apart from them, there are others such as Domain Authority, MOZ Trust, MOZ Rank and Rank Tracker.

Fee: This robust tool has tiered fees starting at $99 USD per month.

It is a powerful tool that offers SEO solutions to perform keyword analysis and detect opportunities for good positioning in search engines.

SEMRush is designed to streamline and facilitate marketing activities, it offers us indispensable information to work on SEO, advertising and other marketing strategies such as generating links to the website.

It also provides us with relevant information about user behavior and it is possible to analyze other factors such as:

  • The most important keyword for your business.
  • The positioning of your keywords.
  • Advertising strategies most used by your competition and the results they obtained.
  • backlinks from your site and those of your competitors.
  • Among other types of tools and strategies that you can use with this super tool.

SEMRush is perhaps one of the most comprehensive tools for analyzing your websites and those of your competitors.

We recommend that you take a look at it to validate all its functionalities, as it is one of the most complete digital marketing tools out there.

Rate: Tiered rates start at $119.95 USD per month.

Keyword planner is a digital marketing tool that allows us to research keywords. You can use this tool to discover keywords related to your business and see the estimates you receive and the cost to target your advertising campaigns.

While this is a very useful tool that can help boost your business, you should keep in mind that in its free version it only gives you estimated data, so that it gives you more accurate data, you can activate a small campaign in Google Ads and you will begin to see much more accurate information.

Fare: This is a totally free tool. However, the quality of the information depends on whether or not you have a Google Ads campaign running.

SEM Tools

With Google Ads you can grow your business quickly, as it allows you to have immediate visibility to users or customers who are looking for a product or service like yours through the advertising campaign.

This tool is one of the most popular tools out there to promote your business or company on search engines. With Google Ads you position your products or services in a short time and it helps you pass through the sales funnel a greater number of Leads to your website or application

Google Ads work by setting a specific budget for the campaigns you want to run. Advertising in Google Ads does not guarantee that you will be able to occupy the first position, since to calculate the positions of the ads, these are determined and depend on many factors such as the bid, the quality of the landing page, the ad, and other factors.

It’s the dashboard where you can upload your products to be approved and then used in Google Ads Shopping campaigns.

This tool is very important for your business, because if you are an online store that sells tangible products, you will surely be quite interested. Shopping ads are the closest thing to a storefront, showing an image of the product, product name, price, and company name.

When you run a Shopping campaign and the user performs a Google search related to your product, advertisers’ articles that match that keyword will be displayed.

For Shopping campaigns to work properly, you need to create an account in the Google Merchant Center and upload your feed of products ready to advertise, then you’ll need to validate whether your products have been approved or rejected and verify the information.

Rate: This tool is completely free, however you must keep in mind that Shopping campaigns are adjusted to the budget you determine for that campaign.

Social Media Management Tools

Finally, we’ll need a tool that helps us manage social media by automating posts.

And there are very interesting alternatives that we will see below:

This marketing tool allows you to manage and schedule your posts in the best hours of audience reach, to effectively manage your social networks.

With Buffer you have the possibility to share on different social networks, either instantly or by scheduling your publications. In addition to scheduling your publications, it offers you a session that allows you to analyze your publications with the interactions and actions they have had, and another advantage that Buffer offers you is that without the need to leave the application you can interact with the person who has mentioned you.

Rate: This tool has a free version that allows you to connect up to three profiles and on the other hand it has tiered rates ranging from $15 USD per month.

This is one of the most complete digital marketing tools we can find for your social media strategy and the reality is that we couldn’t leave without mentioning this great tool.

With Hootsuite we can manage social networks effectively, as it allows us to schedule content in a segmented way and share on different social networks simultaneously.

Using this tool you can monitor and track the performance of your posts, boost communication in the right way, and interact with your social media audience from the same application. You can also calculate return on investment, conversions, and record public conversations people have with your brand or company.

Rate: This tool has a free version that lets you add up to 3 profiles from different social networks or also has tiered rates ranging from $19 USD with many more benefits.


What we can conclude is that the use of marketing tools helps companies to improve their processes and generate more business opportunities that lead to the achievement of their business objectives.

Using and combining these marketing tools can lead to better results for your business or company. By having a better understanding of the users or customers who visit you, you can implement more advanced marketing strategies and speed up the processes that lead you to achieve better business results.

We hope that this content will be very useful for you and that you will be able to identify what are the marketing tools that you can implement to boost your business.

Tell us for yourself: What are the most important marketing tools that should not be missing in your business? Write!

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