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WhatsApp’s new privacy policy: How will it affect you?

WhatsApp’s new privacy policy is giving a lot to talk about and it’s no wonder, since WhatsApp is one of the applications with the most downloads and the highest frequency of use in the world.

Surely, in the last few days you have received a message in the WhatsApp application informing you about the change in the new privacy policies. Which brings us to the following questions: Have you accepted WhatsApp’s new privacy policy? and Have you read all the terms and conditions of WhatsApp’s new policy before agreeing to them? If not, don’t worry, we’re going to share a short summary of what WhatsApp’s new privacy policies that will come into effect from February 8, 2021 are about and how they could affect you.

This new privacy policy is related to the data that WhatsApp will collect and use from each of the users. According to the company, all the recruitment and use of this data will help to improve the service and customer experience, as it will give the possibility of obtaining a much more personalized environment.

In fact, it is the trend that technology and digital marketing are heading towards, to personalize the user experience in physical and digital environments.

Today in the digital world a very popular phrase is “When a product is free, the product is you”, today we get used to not paying for Apps, email, digital services and others, and we think that they are “free”, but those who provide these services are not charitable foundations, they are companies and the reason for being of companies is to generate income. So keep in mind, neither Facebook, nor WhatsApp, nor Instagram are free.

Data that WhatsApp is going to have access to

We want to share with you the data that WhatsApp will have access to and that it will also be able to share with its other companies. Let’s remember that WhatsApp is part of the conglomerate of companies of Facebook, Instagram and Messenger, so all the data you can obtain, you can share with your companies without any complications..

Contact Details

WhatsApp will be able to access your user account, phone number and email address if you have it registered. This data can be shared with Facebook, Instagram and Messenger to give you a better user experience.

Information associated with your account

They will be able to access information that is closely related to your account, such as your phone number, name, profile picture, information about you, connections, and read receipts.

Access to interaction with users or companies

Keep in mind that WhatsApp has its version of WhatsApp Business, which is increasingly used and which is an excellent digital marketing tool. Therefore, it will use this information to understand, personalize, and promote services.

Device Information

WhatsApp will be able to access information about the device we use, what model of phone we use, the level of charge of the battery, signal strength, the mobile network, the version of the application and the browser used.


It will also collect information about the precise location of the device, it will be able to access location information when the user gives you permission through any of its features, when you share the location or view nearby locations of other devices. Likewise, if the user does not use one of the above options, they will have access through the IP address, area codes, among others.

Connection Status

It will collect information including: the connection (including the phone number, mobile carrier, or internet provider), the IP address from which the phone connects. the language, time zone, and other data about the device’s operations.

Payment and transaction data.

In the case of countries where payments within the WhatsApp app are enabled. They will also have access to financial transaction information.

If you want to consult and know in detail WhatsApp’s privacy policy, click

How does the new privacy policy affect companies?

From the point of view of companies, all this is very positive, because it will allow us to make a greater and better segmentation of advertising on Facebook or Instagram. This will have a positive impact on our advertising campaigns, when we want to impact the user.

All this information is very interesting for digital marketing. In fact, this is great news, as we will be able to better profile our campaigns and better segment potential customers thanks to this data. This will be reflected in greater efficiency, better results and more effective budgets.

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