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OhmyFi Revolutionizes Free WiFi in Mass Transit Systems

The increasing incorporation of WiFi networks in public spaces is supporting the development of smart cities by offering new services that allow us to redesign the way citizens live. OhmyFi builds an information network through the WiFi of public and private companies with which it seeks not only to offer users free Internet connection but also to improve the interaction they have with cities.

With more than five years of experience developing WiFi Marketing, OhmyFi is betting on the mass transport sector by knowing and understanding the connectivity needs of users, optimizing their mobile data expenses, democratizing Internet access for low-income people and delivering recommendations and experiences in places where there is public WiFi.

Different MinTIC Wi-Fi Zones in Bogotá and in the city’s Mass Transportation System have the OhmyFi captive portal, as well as the Integrated Mass Transit of the West (MIO) in Cali.

Through the measurements it performs on a daily basis, OhmyFi captures valuable data and analytics through the use of WiFi and contributes to understanding user behavior. This information can be segmented by time periods such as days of the week or peak hours and even by types of devices and operating systems through which users interact, which becomes an opportunity for businesses and public institutions to earn revenue from WiFi.

One of the advantages that users recognize when connecting through the captive portals of this initiative – customized according to the requirement of each company or entity – is that they are agile, easy to access and secure, and offer the best possible interaction experience. This aspect motivates them to look again for these portals in more places, giving them the opportunity for more relevant advertising, offers, links of interest and of course successful Internet connections.

Despite the fact that public networks have a bad reputation, OhmyFi Enables users to securely connect to responsible, non-invasive networks, therefore, data processing policies are mandatory and guarantee that each institution is responsible for handling user information in a way that respects their privacy, ethically and as required by law in Colombia.

In addition to MinTIC’s Wi-Fi Zones and mass transportation, the platform also operates in commercial establishments.

In this way, OhmyFi is contributing to the creation of a culture of management of open WiFi zones in which public institutions improve communication channels and provide increasingly relevant and useful information, while citizens take advantage of these virtual spaces.

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