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Digital Transformation in Healthcare: How WiFi Revolutionizes Healthcare

Implementing WiFi technologies in healthcare facilities offers various benefits, ranging from streamlining appointment scheduling to collecting data to improving the patient experience.

Colombia’s health system faces significant challenges, including a lack of timely primary care, staffing shortages, and long waits. However, technologies and connectivity represent an opportunity to overcome these obstacles and improve the quality of healthcare.

According to the report by the McKinsey Global Institute (MGI) and the McKinsey Center for Advanced Connectivity (MCAC), it is expected that by 2030,the use of advanced connectivity will contribute significantly to the world’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

OhmyFi has developed hospital-specific portals that offer secure authentication for WiFi network users, enabling
controlled internet access and data collection for further analysis.

Liceth Orozco, CEO of OhmyFi, stated that “this service allows institutions in the healthcare sector to understand visitor behavior, optimize the design of spaces, and make informed decisions based on data on marketing, advertising, and patient experience.”

Big data analytics in the healthcare industry is another key aspect, with significant growth projected for the next few years. The ability to leverage this data will improve patient care and efficiency within medical institutions, thanks to tools such as artificial intelligence and predictive analytics.

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