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10 keys to know if your company is ready for digital marketing

If you have a business and plan to adopt digital marketing to accelerate its growth, congratulations! You have understood that, in a world that changes rapidly every day, it is essential to transform in order to adapt, stay in the market and lead it.

With digital marketing, you’ll have thousands of options to explore, from content marketing to WiFi marketing to growth hacking. All of these trends complement each other, and if you manage to master them for the benefit of your business, you will undoubtedly see it grow. The truth is that you won’t have recipes or formulas for success, but a path of experimentation, mistakes, and adaptation in which only you and your team will know, over time, what works best for your company, product, and market.

However, before you jump into it, it is important that you identify if your company is ready for digital marketing or what it needs to be. Otherwise, you’ll notice those gaps along the way and this can lead to wasted time and resources. Below you will find 10 of those minimum conditions so that you can make this diagnosis and prepare to grow.

1. You know what you want to achieve

You are clear about what you want to achieve in your business through digital marketing and you are not doing it for fashion. While digital transformation is an increasingly necessary trend in all industries, having a north star will allow you to find the right path in such a wide field full of possibilities. Plus, it will help keep you and your team motivated in the process.

Remember that your goals should be specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time-bound. Likewise, they must be aligned with your company’s strategy, objectives and KPIs.

2. You have digital channels to make your digital marketing strategy a reality

Digital channels are the track that your digital marketing actions will follow. At the very least, you should have a website or landing page to drive the lead traffic you’ll be generating. There must be the necessary information to publicize your product or service, convince and lead the user to leave their data or make the purchase.

It is much more likely that you will achieve a 360 digital marketing strategy if your company is already on social networks, has a blog where valuable content is published for the customer, manages a newsletter and e-mailing campaigns, and even has a mobile application, when necessary.

3. You understand the value of data and want to put it to work for your business

Information is the main asset of today’s organizations. However, there is no point in generating data if it is not understood, analyzed and used to generate inputs or decisive knowledge to better focus business strategies. Based on this, it is necessary to have people and tools to analyze this information, and if not, it is necessary to invest in this field.

4. Your company has a marketing area

Digital marketing is not a secondary or simple task. To achieve excellent results, it will require the dedication of a work team every day of the week. If you don’t have it, it’s essential to hire it.

This team must be trained to develop activities such as organic positioning and payment of your website in search engines (SEO and SEM), digital advertising, social media management, content generation, graphic and multimedia design, monitoring and measurement of indicators, user experience design, among others.

However, there are many companies that decide to outsource this responsibility, hiring the digital marketing services of a specialized agency. Although it is always advisable to have an internal team committed to the company’s objectives, this can be a good option as long as there is continuous communication and follow-up between the company and the agency, and as long as there is at least one marketing expert guiding this relationship.

5. You have a budget for digital marketing

Within your company’s growth budget, digital marketing should be seen as a priority. You’ll need those resources to hire the experts who will design and carry out your strategy, activate digital ad campaigns, and cover the monthly or annual plans of the digital platforms and tools you’ll need to develop your strategy.

6. You see problems as opportunities

In line with the previous point, a digital marketing strategy needs all the support and trust possible within the company, and this implies not having detractors who see it as an expense or a problem. Far from being an expense, the resources you allocate to grow through digital channels will be a profitable investment. Along the way, you’ll encounter problems that you don’t expect and that you won’t initially know how to solve, but, to quote Winston Churchill, “in the midst of difficulty lies opportunity.” Each difficulty that comes will allow you to adapt your strategy to the market and stay one step ahead.

7. You are open to change and allow yourself to be advised

As said before, digital marketing is a process of experimentation, so you need to keep an attitude and mindset open to change, to test what works and what doesn’t, and to make adaptive decisions as you go. In addition, it will be necessary to maintain a high tolerance for risk and frustration, and keep in mind that the results will not be seen immediately, especially in fields such as organic positioning (SEO), content marketing and other actions that do not require an investment of advertising.

You should be aware that you don’t know everything and that you will need help from expert hands to design and carry out a digital marketing strategy. Having this clear will allow you to let yourself be guided and advised by your team, allies, advisors and suppliers, and things will be easier for everyone.

8. You have the necessary technology

Technology does not necessarily imply innovation or transformation, but well chosen, used and business-oriented, it is an excellent ally. For each of the digital marketing actions you decide to explore, it will be essential to invest in the necessary technology. Some examples are automation and integration tools, CRMs, e-mailing platforms, remarketing or retargeting tools, among many others. In the case of WiFi Marketing, in addition to the platform that will allow interaction between the brand and the customer, it is key to have the connectivity equipment that is required for the customer to have an excellent experience of using WiFi, both in quality and coverage.

9. You’re clear about who your customer is

As obvious as this point may sound, it is common to see companies targeting the market at large without understanding who the customer who is willing to pay for their products or services really is. Likewise, companies often decide to target many markets at the same time, which can lead them to lose focus and neglect what really generates results for them.

The definition of your customer or target audience will be decisive for the design, execution and success of your strategy. So if you’re not sure, or even if you’re sure, it can be very useful and interesting to conduct market research.

10. You measure and track everything

A strategy is nothing without indicators of success and without established processes for monitoring, follow-up and evaluation of results. Your digital marketing actions are so definitive and play in such a changing terrain that from one day to the next the scenario can be completely different. If you don’t measure your actions, you won’t be able to realize it in time. If you measure them continuously, you will be able to see before your competitors those opportunities that, if well exploited, can lead you to be the leader in your segment.

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