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10 Ways to Use Your Business WiFi in Your Marketing Strategies

The free WiFi you offer in your business can become a very important marketing tool, not because of the fact that your customers can connect to the Internet, but because of all the marketing strategies that you can implement through WiFi Marketing.

A tool with which you can not only get your customers to return regularly to your business, but also implement loyalty strategies, communicate your products, offers or promotions and increase the sales of your business or commercial establishment physically and digitally.

To have more clarity on
what WiFi Marketing is
, we can say that it is a tool that is installed in the WiFi of your business (Captive Portal/Hotspot), which allows you to capture data to know the preferences and tastes of your customers and thus you can improve the experience of the customers who visit you or start to improve your indicators and metrics of campaigns on social networks, email marketing, SMS or WhatsApp.

Undoubtedly, using your business’s WiFi as a marketing tool can bring great benefits and increase your business’s sales. Let’s look at this a little more detailed.

Why use your business WiFi as a marketing tool?

Nowadays the most successful companies have a secret in common and which, we will reveal below, is the massive collection of customer data. From this, online companies have taken advantage of this very well and have understood that by capturing data from the people who visit their websites, they can optimize their campaigns and marketing strategies.

But what about visits to physical stores or business establishments? And what would happen? If, thanks to technology, you could know who visits your business, what interests them, what their tastes are, how they behave within your commercial establishment (Shops, Restaurants, Shopping Centers, Hotels, Health and Wellness Centers, Supermarkets, Banks, Transport, Colleges and Universities, among others), how long have they not been here, which are the points they visit the most, among other key information.

OhmyFi – WiFi Marketing brings you this digital solution. How does it work? Very simple, the customer visits your business, connects or registers on the WiFi portal, interacts with question options, forms or personalized ads, views the marketing campaign and voila, they can connect to your business’s free WiFi.

From this point on, the data is captured throughout your visit. By registering their contact data, demographics, social profile, interests and behaviors are sent to the platform (Dashboard) or to your CRM so that you can then segment your marketing campaigns, as you want, that is, according to the customer’s profile, by days, by location or by busiest WiFi zones.

With OhmyFi’s WiFi Marketing tool you can communicate with each of your customers within your business establishment with promotions of their interest or you can download and/or integrate the database to communicate with your customers, once they are out of your business with more personalized marketing campaigns on your social networks. via emails, SMS or WhatsApp.

With WiFi Marketing you increase the frequency of visits, build customer loyalty, communicate your offers or promotions and most importantly, you will grow your business.

If you want to get the most out of this tool and achieve your business goals or KPIs, read on. We’ll show you 10 ways to use your business’s WiFi in your marketing strategies.

Let our experts do a free analysis of your business and show you how you can implement WiFi Marketing to get 1 in 2 customers to return to your business weekly.

Marketing Strategies You Can Use With Your Business WiFi

Attract customers to your business

Studies indicate that 33% of people choose businesses that have free internet and about 67% of people indicate that they would like the businesses they visit to offer free WiFi.

Atraer clientes

Offering free WiFi helps to increase the number of customers and improve their visit experience, not only because of the fact that you can offer free WiFi to your customers compared to your competitors, but also because of all the strategies you can implement to attract them, build loyalty and influence their friends and acquaintances through WiFi Marketing so that they also visit you.

Here you can implement the strategies you consider necessary to make your customers come to your physical business and then motivate them to visit your online store or to go directly to your social networks and take some specific action.

Customer Profiling and Segmentation (Profile, Location, Behavior)

Capturing relevant information about your customers becomes valuable, as it allows you to know the profile and behavior when they visit your business, that is, you can know what their tastes and preferences are, choices of your products and services, at what times they visit you, how often they visit you, how long they stay, what areas they prefer, among others. Not only capturing contact data, which is often the only thing we imagine (which of course is important information and even more so when your customers stop coming for various reasons).

Perfilamiento y Segmentación de clientes (Perfil, lugar, comportamiento)

By having this type of information, you can generate much more personalized and effective campaigns; This will allow you to increase the sales of your business.

By knowing your customers’ tastes and preferences, you are much more likely to offer them what they are really interested in and therefore satisfy their needs and desires.

Build customer loyalty

There are many loyalty strategies that you can implement through the WiFi marketing tool. When your customers connect to your business’s free WiFi, you will know what their profile is, tastes, preferences and how often they visit your physical points or commercial premises.

Fidelizar a tus clientes

Therefore, you will be able to reward customers who often interact with your brand or business, offering them, for example, a free service, a special promotion, a product or a month of subscription. And it’s likely that you’ll end up becoming the first choice when it comes to buying the products or services you offer.

Digitally transform your business.

The pandemic has radically transformed the way things were done and one of them is how advertising campaigns were done. It is for this reason that it is very important that you evaluate the implementation of your advertising campaigns, so that you can reach your customers more effectively, more economically, personally, digitally and contactlessly through emails, SMS, WhatsApp messages or social media campaigns.

Transformación digital

With the WiFi Marketing tool, your business will now have an omnichannel presence, which means that you can reach your customers through the offline channel, that is, your physical business or commercial premises and you will also be able to approach, communicate with them and sell to them through online channels, through your social networks or digital assets.

Reach your Marketing KPIs

Through the information that is captured from the visitors of your business, you can improve the indicators and metrics of campaigns. Undoubtedly, having information about your customers will give you a huge advantage when creating campaigns on social networks, email marketing, SMS or WhatsApp.

Alcance tus KPIs de marketing

The data captured through the WiFi Marketing tool and with which we segment our campaigns, is much more efficient than that provided by social media platforms to segment audiences. Therefore, you will have better optimized, cheaper and more focused campaigns on achieving the results you want; which will be reflected in greater results at lower costs.

Communication Tool & Guideline

The WiFi of your business can become a new tool or very important communication channel to bring your brand and your campaigns or those of allied brands, closer to your visitors. Through this tool you can provide a communication space so that allied brands can advertise, monetizing your WiFi network by offering this advertising space to third parties.

In addition to the great advantage of being able to monetize your WiFi network with third-party advertisements, you will be able to highlight your products, offers, promotions or information of interest to all your customers and communicate assertively.


As mentioned above, the database you can get through a captive portal integrated into your WiFi is much more powerful compared to the audiences you can reach through social networks.

Remarketing - Estrategia de mercadeo

And therefore, WiFi Marketing also becomes a powerful tool for re-marketing, this is mainly because customers have already had contact with your business or company and therefore can generate much more frequency of visits per user and increase the number of views of the campaigns you want to implement through your social networks. email marketing, SMS or WhatsApp campaigns.

Personalized Digital Marketing

One of the differentiating factors of OhmyFi and why you should implement your captive portal through your WiFi network, is its degree of personalization with customers, OhmyFi’s support focuses on understanding the needs of merchants, administrators, directors, managers, owners or business owners, to implement all the strategies that bring you closer to meeting all your marketing and sales objectives.

Estrategias de mercadeo

Real-Time Analytics

Another of the determinants to implement the WiFi Marketing tool or captive portal, is the dashboard (friendly and intuitive) which provides you with all the information in real time to know the metrics, the statistics of entries to the captive portal and how the performance of the campaigns that are being shown through the WiFi network is going. a super valuable resource when it comes to monetizing your WiFi with third-party campaigns.

Estrategias de mercadeo y analítica en tiempo real

Quality Support

The support provided by OhmyFi is much broader than simple technical support and goes further to become a partner or ally that accompanies you to fine-tune all marketing strategies, your indicators or KPIs and the resolution of doubts, being not a service provider but a partner within your marketing team.

Soporte de calidad

Let our experts do a free analysis of your business and show you how you can implement WiFi Marketing to get 1 in 2 customers to return to your business weekly.

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