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WiFi Marketing Redefines the Macro Event Experience

Mobile phones and the rise of social networks and applications where what happens on a day-to-day basis is shared, have made Internet access a fundamental part of the experience at events such as congresses, conventions, concerts, shows and fairs, among others.

However, there is a widespread problem that affects connectivity and communications in these types of events, not only because of the large agglomerations that are concentrated in them, but also because they are often held in places whose very architecture prevents the entry of signals from mobile networks.

In addition, the use of increasingly sophisticated mobile services and applications, which require faster connection speeds and consume more data, is influencing data plans to tend to fall short.

In 2017 Colombia was the third country that held the most events and conventions in South America, according to the International Congress and Convention Association (ICCA) ranking, so brands are finding a great opportunity to capitalize on people’s browsing needs in all types of events through WiFi Marketing.

This innovative way of connecting brands with customers is being developed in Colombia by companies such as OhmyFi, which is implementing WiFi Marketing projects with capacities of up to 14,000 people connected simultaneously, including the Movistar Arena in Bogota, recreational parks and convention centers.

Offering free Internet access is not only a plus for those who attend a concert or visit a fair, but also represents a series of benefits for both brands and organizers.

Being able to share a photograph of a theatrical show or navigate with a tablet in a conference thanks to WiFi is generating a better experience for your attendees that will inevitably impact the brand of the event.

However, access to a free WiFi network may require a registry that allows you to collect data from people either to strengthen the database, make segmentations according to demographic variables, do research or better understand the interaction of attendees with the event.

Encourage the download of the application of the brand that organizes the event; create paid advertising campaigns for the host brand or for allies of the event; and activating attendees to achieve the desired interaction, are other advantages of implementing a WiFi Marketing strategy.

But one of the most interesting benefits is the possibility of increasing the impact of the event (organizers, companies, brands) in real time thanks to the fact that WiFi ensures the possibility that an attendee can share with their social circles what they are experiencing.

Faced with the success stories of WiFi projects around the world – including stadiums such as those of the National Football League (NFL) and soccer stadiums such as FC Barcelona’s Camp Nou and Real Madrid’s Santiago Bernabéu and many more; that have focused on providing a better experience for attendees—initiatives such as OhmyFi’s open the panorama for WiFi Marketing at massive events in Colombia and Latin America.

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