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Monetization Marketing

Take advantage of the great affluence of your points of sale and the connections to your WiFi to generate revenue through monetization and advertising campaigns of other brands interested in reaching your customers.

Traffic display days - monetization marketing

Market the WiFi you offer to your customers as advertising space and a source of revenue for other brands and ensure the financial sustainability of your investment.

General benefits

Generate new revenue for your business

Through a revenue share model, you receive earnings from other brands' advertising on your OhmyFi platform.

Fund your OhmyFi platform

With advertising revenue, your platform will be self-sustainable and the return on investment will increase every day.

Build business alliances

Attract brands interested in reaching your customer segment and generate strategic relationships and connections for your business.

Mejora la calidad de tu red WiFi

By having a platform that covers its own investment, you will be able to allocate resources to offer a more stable network with greater reach.

Reach more customers in new spaces

Do you want to capture more customers and reach new segments? You can also advertise with other brands that work with us.

Customer types


Mass transportation



Supermarkets and department stores

Arenas & Stadiums


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