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OhmyFi a WiFi Marketing platform.

As Software as a service we provide digital solutions to connect users from WiFi zones, strengthen your brand and stand out from the competition.

WiFi Marketing

Turn your business's free WiFi into a powerful marketing tool to capture data and understand user behavior, personalize your marketing strategies, communicate and sell more.

Captive Portal Solutions

We have a variety of modules, which help our customers to be able to:

Brands and companies that already implement our digital solutions

They already implement our digital marketing solutions, generate better experiences for their users or customers, monetize their WiFi networks and have offline and online presence.


captive portals with a customized approach.

Our goal is focused on creating differentiating experiences, where user interaction through forms, activities, questions, videos, animations, among others, will allow you to communicate and build customer loyalty.

Types of Customers

Digital marketing and monetization solutions

Health and Wellness


Supermarkets and department stores






Explore the Latest Tech Trends with OhmyFi

From WiFi innovations to WiFi Marketing solutions, stay up to date with our selection of informative blogs and articles!

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OhmyFi is highlighted in the mainstream media as the best and most innovative WiFi marketing solution.

Colombian company seeks to connect Latin Americans with open WiFi networks

OhmyFi works on the development of WiFi solutions that enable better understanding of users in different spaces.

When WiFi turned into revenue, not just expenses

This is called Wi-Fi Marketing and it is the technology of OhMyFi, a Colombian startup that ventured and now its success is as incalculable as the number of data that circulate around the world per second.

This is how you can connect to the Internet for free in Bogotá

This novel way of connecting brands with customers is being developed in Colombia by companies such as OhmyFi .

Free WiFi to learn about your customers' trends

OhmyFi markets the free Internet offered by companies. "Providing people with free WiFi is a much more profitable business than companies in the country realize."

At OhmyFi we have had the opportunity to participate in innovation centers such as:

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Implementa WiFi Marketing para atraer clientes, fidelizar, comunicar y vender más

Implement WiFi Marketing to attract customers, build loyalty, communicate and sell more.