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Mixed Marketing

Combine the advantages of Own Marketing and Advertising Marketing to get the most out of your OhmyFi platform.

Mixed Marketing - WiFi Dashboard display for customers

Leverage your WiFi to develop strategies for your brand and in turn generate new revenue streams through digital monetization with other brands.

General benefits

Know your customers

Conduct research and market studies in record time. Find out what type of customers visit you and what they prefer.

Generate new revenue for your business

Through a revenue share model, you receive revenue from other brands' advertising on your OhmyFi platform.

Segment your marketing and advertising strategies

By having more and better data on your customers, you will be able to personalize and target your marketing and advertising campaigns more accurately.

Loyalty and communication with your customers

Generate customer communication channels, fun gamification content and follow-up and loyalty strategies.

Finance your OhmyFi platform

With advertising revenue, your platform will be self-sustainable and the return on investment will increase every day.

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