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Own Marketing

Connect your customers with your brand and attract new customers through OhmyFi.

Own WiFi Marketing

Generate strategies for your brand oriented to promote your products and services, either to capture information, position your brand, build loyalty or motivate your customers' purchases.

General benefits

Know your customers

Conduct research and market studies in record time. Find out what type of customers visit you and what they prefer.

Customize your OhmyFi platform

By connecting to the WiFi of your points of sale, your customers will interact with a platform with the image and personality of your brand.

Segment your marketing strategies and sell more

By having more and better data on your customers, you will be able to personalize and target your marketing and advertising campaigns more accurately.

Loyalty and communication with your customers

Generate customer communication channels, fun gamification content and follow-up and loyalty strategies.

Differentiate your business

Add value to your customers. More than free Internet, you will offer differentiating and memorable experiences.


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