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What is OhmyFi?

OhmyFi is a digital WiFi Marketing solution for businesses of different sizes and industries. We make WiFi a powerful tool that allows brands to generate experiences to build customer loyalty, get to know them, communicate with them and improve their advertising, marketing and sales strategies. In this way, we turn the WiFi that companies offer to their customers and visitors into a valuable asset for their business.

Our Story

OhmyFi was born in 2011 in Pereira as a digital venture by Diego Rodríguez and Oswaldo Rodríguez. The idea arose as a social project that sought to provide free and open WiFi to low-income populations in Colombia. The aim: to democratise access to information and knowledge and thus contribute to the development of less-favoured areas.

Diego Rodríguez and Oswaldo Rodríguez, founders of OhmyFiDiego Rodríguez and Oswaldo Rodríguez, founders of OhmyFi

In order for the model to finance itself, companies interested in promoting their products and services were expected to advertise on the OhmyFi platform, with which users interacted to gain access to WiFi. Thus, little by little, the platform integrated functionalities to generate surveys, obtain data that allowed users to be profiled, and show general and personalized content. This made it possible to recommend free Internet content so that people who connected could get more out of Internet access according to their profile.

However, OhmyFi still had a limited reach, and brands were interested in advertising in more mass media. For this reason, it was decided to adapt the model and develop a solution more oriented to the commercial sector. This opened a door to support the growth of restaurants, cafes, bars, shopping malls, shops, airports and even government entities, as a tool for marketing, entertainment, communications, loyalty and market research in real time through WiFi. In this way, a self-sustaining model was consolidated that could contribute to the financing of the social project originally conceived.

All this process and series of learnings allowed us to perfect the solution, making it possible for OhmyFi in a Proximity Marketing Tool and WiFi marketing that not only supports the strategies and objectives of the marketing departments of companies, but also those of customer service, quality, planning and management, among others.

In 2014, OhmyFi became part of Apps.co’s business incubation process, a program of the Ministry of Information and Communication Technologies of Colombia, where it refined its business model and adopted several marketing strategies. Some time later, it received investment and acceleration from Wayra, the open innovation arm of Telefónica Movistar, where it continued to grow and find business opportunities with customers such as Movistar. Later, he received the support and recognition of the tech entrepreneurship strengthening program of Endeavor Colombia and JP Morgan, and was part of the international expansion phase of Apps.co ventures.

Currently, in addition to Colombia, OhmyFi operates in countries such as Peru, Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala, and is making progress in opening new markets internationally.


Our Vision

At the enterprise level: By 2025, we will become the leading technological solution for the development of strategic marketing and digital advertising at the point of sale using WiFi in LATAM, focused on data, user experience and the fulfillment of our clients’ objectives.


Our Mission

Improve people’s quality of life through free access to information through WiFi, leveraged by companies and governments.

Our Values

  • Transparency and Integrity.
  • To be partners with our customers.
  • Total satisfaction of our value chain.
  • Innovation as a fundamental role.