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Frequently asked questions

Before they can connect to the WiFi network, users must go through a kind of “digital toll” from their devices and interact with a marketing or advertising campaign from the brand sponsoring the WiFi. In this way, companies and brands are encouraged to provide free Internet to their customers and visitors in exchange for interactions and strategic information from them. The uses and potential of this type of tools and technology to develop market strategies and advertising is called WiFi Marketing.

To get started, you get basic information such as name, age, gender and contact details, which can even be obtained with the login through social networks. In addition to this, brands will be able to ask questions such as: do you prefer vegetarian food, how do you like to accompany your coffee, or how often do you travel abroad? However, considering that connecting to the Internet in exchange for providing information is somewhat boring, we wanted to break the mold and that’s why we have designed several interactions that go far beyond answering questions.

It helps them understand their customers’ preferences in real time and leads them to make decisions based on real data and opinions. Based on the feedback they receive from their customers through OhmyFi, several companies that work with us have changed their food and beverage menu, product offerings and processes in their stores, improved their indicators, refocused their marketing and advertising strategies, and even increased the quality of service. The possibilities are endless.

No, at OhmyFi we are a bridge between establishments that already have WiFi networks and infrastructure and their customers or visitors. We are a transactional platform, an intermediary, and the Internet is covered and paid for entirely by brands.

OhmyFi integrates with Access Points (AP’s), as long as they support External Captive Portals, the modems installed by your Internet provider by default, do not have the capacity to work with these technologies, therefore, it is necessary to implement additional equipment that does. To find out which ones are compatible, please check the allies page, in the
Compatible WiFi devices section.

OhmyFi is a platform that works in the cloud, this allows us to provide our service anywhere in the world, it only requires that you have an Internet connection and a compatible WiFi equipment.

OhmyFi adapts to different types of markets and therefore has various ways of generating income, ranging from the sale of pins, advertising space, use of data, lead generation, among others. For more information, visit the Monetization Marketing site.