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WiFi Marketing

Attract customers, build customer loyalty, communicate and sell more

WiFi Marketing is an ideal tool for businesses or commercial establishments, as it allows you to capture data to better understand your users or customers, customize your marketing strategies, communicate, build loyalty and generate more sales.

By integrating WiFi Marketing you will be able to know and understand what are the preferences and tastes of your users or customers in real time, interact with them, know their opinions and improve processes and marketing strategies to promote and achieve business objectives that you have outlined in your business or company.


Through the implementation of WiFi marketing you can digitally transform your company, integrate new technologies and tools to enhance your business, optimize processes, improve competitiveness and offer added value to your customers.

With the WiFi marketing tool your company will be able to generate:

Fidelización de clientes
Customer loyalty strategies
Estrategias para aumentar las ventas
Strategies to increase sales
Estrategias de comunicacion
Develop effective communication strategies

The incorporation of WiFi Marketing in businesses such as: retail, restaurants, shopping malls, hotels, health and wellness, entertainment, supermarkets, education and transportation, has contributed to generate better experiences for users and the achievement of business objectives of companies that apply the tool in their physical points.

Below, we list a series of benefits you get when you implement the WiFi Marketing tool in your business:

Brands and companies already implementing WiFi Marketing

They already implement WiFi Marketing. They generate better experiences for their users or customers and monetize their WiFi networks.

Turn your WiFi into a powerful Marketing Tool

From OhmyFi we want to help you implement an effective digital solution, we will make the WiFi of your business or company a powerful tool to build customer loyalty, get to know them better, communicate and improve your advertising, marketing and sales strategies.

Learn more about What is WiFi Marketing? And how to integrate your offline business with online and implement more effective digital marketing strategies.

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Implementa WiFi Marketing para atraer clientes, fidelizar, comunicar y vender más

Implement WiFi Marketing to attract customers, build loyalty, communicate and sell more.