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Captive portal Free WiFi for your visitors or customers

The captive portal is the web page where users must go through to access the Free WiFi of any business and before they connect, they inform users of the steps they must follow to be able to access the internet.

Through this “Captive portal”

website , users can authenticate or register on the WiFi network using their personal data.

What is a captive portal and what are its advantages?

The captive portal is a marketing tool with which you can collect data and segment your users. And with which, companies that provide free WiFi to their customers can collect very useful data and segment it to make their marketing campaigns more effective.

The great advantage of the captive portal is that when people connect to your WiFi you will be able to identify them, know their tastes or preferences, communicate with them and build loyalty.

In addition, when users connect, they agree to the terms and conditions of using your WiFi network. With this, they will be able to send them commercial notifications in compliance with the Habeas Data protection law.

Finally, the captive portal can be used to communicate, inserting advertising and other similar content that users will be able to see during their authentication process.

How does it work and when to use it?

All information and data captured through the captive portal is stored in an ohmyFi analytics dashboard. A tool in which you can access to see the statistics and detail of customer data. And in which it allows you to do data analysis and discover how to attract more customers.

In addition, it allows you to see the return on investment (ROI) of the WiFi network, determined by the contacts that were generated through the WiFi each month and the savings that were generated in advertising through the functionalities of the OhmyFi tool

Thanks to the functionalities of the tool, you can generate much more effective digital marketing strategies for your customers. As well as limiting the connection, bandwidth and dwell time of users or customers.

When to use a captive portal?

We use the captive portal when we want to digitally transform our businesses or companies and be much more profitable. The captive portal provides us with the following benefits:

What data can I capture through a captive portal?

With OhmyFi’s WiFi Marketing tool, you will have a Captive Portal, with which you will fill a database and your CRM with the following customer data:




Date of birth




And even your profile picture

All this, without making the customer or user type anything, and in strict compliance with the Habeas Data Protection Act. To do this, your customers will only need to connect to your Free WiFi with your Facebook, Google, Twitter or LinkedIn account.

Turn your captive portal into a powerful marketing tool

Take advantage of the free WiFi offered in your business to improve productivity, implement better digital marketing strategies and differentiate your business.

If you want to integrate a free WiFi network in a public place such as a shopping mall, a restaurant, a shop or a hotel , CONTACT US! We will make the WiFi of your business or company a powerful tool to get to know your customers better, communicate and improve your advertising, marketing and sales strategies.