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Strategies to increase sales

Nowadays there are more and more owners, business owners, managers or executives who have included WiFi Marketing as a strategy to increase the sales of their companies or businesses.

Allowing users or customers to connect to your business or company’s WiFi is much more beneficial than you think. In reality, this connection allows the exchange of extremely valuable information between the customer and the company.

And it’s the perfect opportunity to learn about the consumption habits and preferences of your users or customers. This tool provides information that allows merchants to know who their potential customers are and thus develop and invest in much more effective marketing strategies and increase the sales of companies or businesses.

How to increase sales in times of crisis?

Given the new reality in which we live today and the complex situation that many of the companies are currently going through. There is a great need to understand users in order to increase business sales.

And one of the great advantages of this powerful marketing tool is that it allows us to obtain results in relatively short times, allowing us to analyze the data of our users or customers and execute optimized strategies almost immediately.

To increase sales, we must: Attract customers, retain or retain existing ones

But how did we get here? We can do this by implementing the WiFi Marketing in our commercial premises or points of sale. The tool will be responsible for collecting customer information and will allow us to carry out analysis of visits to know their tastes or interests and based on that offer them products that meet their needs.

By having a tool like WiFi Marketing, there are greater chances of effectively publicizing your products and offers. This is where this strategy becomes very influential as a means of increasing sales. Let’s see why

Communicate on site (Premises or points of sale)

A good alternative to increase sales is to advertise offers through your business's free WiFi connection platform. Customers will be able to view or interact with your commercial ads at the same time that they are connecting and leaving their data on the WiFi network

Create Hyper-Segmented Campaigns

From the knowledge you will have of your visitors or customers, you will be able to create much more effective social media campaigns. Therefore, it is a strategy that can help us increase sales at a much more beneficial cost, since we will be able to take advantage of the information collected to segment based on the real interests of our customers.

Mail Marketing

You can create email marketing campaigns such as thanking visitors, sending promotions or products that are of interest to the user or you can send a birthday greeting. These campaigns can be very attractive, when we know valuable information about users or customers.

Social Media

You will have the possibility to get new followers and promote your establishment or points of sale.

What can I do to increase the sales of my business or company?

To increase the sales of your business or company, you can integrate WiFi marketing into the decision-making process of your business.

To apply data analytics to your advantage, you don’t need to be a company with hundreds or thousands of employees. Also, you shouldn’t get overwhelmed by terms like Big Data or WiFi Marketing thinking it’s only for large organizations.

Just contact us and take full advantage of the information that originates in your points of sale or commercial premises to increase the sales of your business or company.

Example of an action plan to increase sales

Let’s see how to draw up an action plan that will help increase the sales of your business or company.

1. Use WiFi marketing to raise awareness of your products and increase sales

WiFi marketing has the ability to persuade people while they are connecting to the captive portal. This way you can show offers, discounts, or product promotions to the people you want.

Naturally, people are willing to interact with your brand or products, as long as you give them access to your business’s free WiFi and they can browse stably.

Take advantage of this tool to capture relevant data, influence people, and create super-optimized campaigns that help you sell more products or services.

In our experience as providers of this tool, we have notably identified that companies that have implemented the marketing tool have reduced their advertising budgets by up to 60% and have managed to increase the sales of their businesses or companies.

2. How to increase sales through our value proposition

Whether in your physical business or in your online business, this tool allows us to improve marketing strategies and communicate effectively with our users or customers.

Here are some of the sales strategies or techniques that you can implement and complement our marketing tool. This will help you attract more visitors to your funnel and convert them into sales.

Conclusion of our strategy to increase sales

If you want to implement strategies to increase the sales of your business, you need to change the traditional way of doing things and become familiar with the concepts of Data or Big Data. In addition, you need to implement the right tools that drive you to obtain the relevant data so that your business can stand out and increase sales.

Remember that the free WiFi you offer your customers can become a powerful marketing tool that will help your business increase sales in a short time

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