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Data to differentiate your business: Data analysis

Data is essential in today’s marketing world, as it allows decisions to be guided not only by hypotheses and past experiences. Influential marketing ideas or strategies are now determined by the analysis of our users’ or customers’ data.

Análisis de datos

By using this data and analyzing our customers' behavior, businesses can generate a better return on investment (ROI) and gain insights that can lead to effective business strategies and decisions within companies.

What is data and how does it work in WiFi data analysis?

Data in marketing refers to the techniques, processes, tools and technology that allow us to analyze important aspects of our users and customers to determine who visits us, what their behaviors, preferences and tastes are. And in this way, to be able to implement strategies that attract users to increase the sales of companies.

By implementing tools to capture data in our companies, we can:

Having accurate data is essential to make decisions in your digital marketing strategies so that they can become effective and aligned with your objectives.

All decisions for marketing strategies must have the objectives aligned with those of the company, whether it is attracting more visitors, employing loyalty strategies, optimizing advertising budgets or increasing sales.

Whatever the objective, data (marketing) tools must help and support the achievement and fulfillment of objectives or indicators (KPIs).

The best part of having data is being able to know exactly who we’re talking to and who we should target our marketing campaigns to. You can, for example, track visitors who come to businesses or companies and interact with your brand, and then target other people similar to your current customer base.

In addition, you can use the data to determine what visitors’ tastes or preferences are and what things they interact with in business.

Data can help us determine what visitors or customers are generally looking for, and through advertising strategies we can target them and direct traffic to the right channels so they can buy or get the services they are looking for.

We can use data to optimize digital marketing campaigns, which in turn would help optimize budgets, saving an interesting percentage of what is invested in advertising currently. In addition, this will help increase the conversion rate in businesses or increase visits to your website.

Implementing tools to capture your visitors’ or customers’ data can generate a better return on investment (ROI) and lead to more effective business strategies and decisions within companies.

How to implement data in a company

WiFi marketing is a tool that allows data to be collected and analyzed through a process of user authentication on the WiFi networks of businesses or companies and provides us with information that can lead to effective business strategies and decisions within the organization.

Consequently, it helps us capture the data that quickly drives digital marketing strategies correctly and efficiently.

Detailed customer data and reports

By implementing the WiFi marketing tool we can capture information such as: the number of returning users, new users and other data such as gender, age, location and identify tastes and preferences.

In addition, we can obtain other types of information that are relevant to our digital marketing strategies and allow us to better profile our visitors

Segmentation and data filters

When segmenting our customer profiles, we can do so through filters that provide us with details to improve our strategies and allow us to generate more sales for the company, for example:

Per-user data

Summary Data

Advanced Filters

Filters include:

Why use data in businesses or companies

Data can quickly boost your marketing efforts if used correctly and efficiently.

At OhmyFi you will find the tool you need to obtain relevant data from your users or customers and apply it in their communication, loyalty and brand positioning strategies

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