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Omnichannel as a strategy to improve your sales

Omnichannel is a strategy that is becoming more and more important in business. Since It allows you to stay connected with your customers or users in different channels to offer a better experience, through the implementation of simple and at the same time very powerful solutions.


Nowadays our customers no longer use a single channel to communicate and stay in touch with your brand or business. Maybe they start with a visit to your business, then to your social networks, website or online store, and then get a better experience on your website. physical channel or virtual channel.

That is why the strategy of Omnichannel has been gaining more strength, allowing your customers or users to communicate with your business at the right place and time, Integrating various solutions to capture information that is relevant to your business and allows you to better know, communicate and retain your customers.

What advantages does Omnichannel offer you in business?

Know your visitors or customers.

Discovering who visits you, which users are recurring in your business, will help you understand the preferences or purchase motives of your visitors and implement marketing strategies (Cross-selling, Offers, Coupons, etc.) to sell more

Customize marketing strategies.

By having better data on your customers or users, you will be able to better personalize and target your marketing strategies. With this, the productivity of your marketing strategies will be much more efficient.

Communicate with your users or customers.

Generate communication channels where your customers feel more involved. Omnichannel is a two-way street, meaning that communication is reciprocal, which is why it helps to better understand customers.

Build customer loyalty.

The closeness you generate in two-way communication with your visitors or customers will result in trust, and therefore, in the loyalty of your customers and in the achievement of new prospects or customers.

Generate revenue for your company or business.

By implementing Omnichannel in businesses, we generate communication with customers or users in a transversal way (Physical Business, Website, Online Store, Social Networks, APPs, etc.) to offer differentiating and memorable experiences, which allow us to be more efficient in sales or attract new customers.

Omnichannel digital marketing solution for your business

What is sought through Omnichannel is that the experience of users or customers is very pleasant, and that it is taken advantage of through the integration of tools, improving the customer experience and achieving results for your business.

When we talk about Omnichannel digital marketing , it is important to keep in mind that users travel through different channels before making a purchase.

A user can start by visiting your business, then move on to your online store or E-commerce, learn a little more about your brand or business on social networks, then enter your online store again or visit your business to make the purchase.

Therefore, one of the tools that you can implement from your physical business to enhance and improve the experiences of your customers or users and convert more, is WiFi Marketing.

You can turn your free WiFi zone into a powerful tool and capture relevant information from your customers or users to implement it in much more effective digital marketing and sales strategies.

If you’re ready to turn your business into a real engine of profitable purchases and visits Write! We will help you turn your business WiFi into a much more effective tool

Omnichannel: examples and practices that will help you optimize your digital marketing strategy

Once we have captured the information of our customers or users through Omnichannel WiFi Marketing , we can apply them in the following scenarios:

It is a solution that contributes to compliance with quarantine management protocols and allows us to control the access and capacity monitoring of your users or customers.

By implementing general questions or specific questions that allow research, studies or market validation to be carried out.

By having better data on your customers or users, you can personalize and more accurately target your marketing and advertising strategies in your business, according to the needs, tastes or preferences of your customers or users.

In addition, according to the connection point of each user, specific advertising can be displayed that does not apply to other points, increasing effectiveness.

It allows us to create promotional strategies that users can redeem through brand interaction through WiFi Marketing and participate in activities that are done within the WiFi by frequently visiting the brand’s establishments.

Integrate or take your customers or users to your social media accounts with WiFi and get much more information that allows you to get to know your customers better.

Personalize the experience of your customers or users by taking them to your digital assets, where you can implement multiple digital marketing strategies that are much more effective.

How to implement Omnichannel in your business?

At ohmyFi we help you integrate digital marketing tools, focused on the design and development of better experiences for users through WiFi.

Implement, through your points of contact, a factor or resource that will allow you to differentiate your business through targeted strategies focused on meeting objectives.

Omnichannel It doesn’t just allow you to connect with your customers. But also, differentiate your business through the integration of effective digital marketing tools, which allow you to Convert much more and build customer loyalty.

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