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Tools for the Digital Transformation of Business

Digital transformation is the integration of digital technology into our businesses, with the sole purpose of improving the way we operate to provide better experiences for our customers.

In digital transformation, we implement mechanisms or tools for the reworking of processes and integrate digital strategies, which allow us to serve our customers and meet the company’s objectives, through the use of technology.

When we integrate the tools for the digital transformation of businesses, this helps us to keep up with the demands of customers or users. And they can compete better in an economic environment that is constantly and dramatically changing.

Traditional Channel

When customers come to our points of sale, we usually offer them several alternatives with which they can identify a good experience in their visit. Among these options, we usually provide the possibility of connecting to the WiFi of our business, but

How much do you get the most out of this tool for your business? Did you know that your free WiFi zone can be an extremely powerful tool for the digital transformation of your business? The digital transformation of companies generally begins when users or customers visit our business. It is from this moment on, where we begin to implement the tools we have to provide the user with a better experience in their visit and that the business can sell much more.

Integrating WiFi Marketing into Our Businesses

Customers attend the business.

They connect to your WiFi zone for free.

When the customer connects to the establishment's WiFi hotspot before connecting to the internet, they must interact with a communication, expectation, advertising or data capture strategy.

Useful data for the business is obtained.

By profiling customers, we generate databases with which we can know who our customers are and what their behaviors and preferences are, how often they visit our business or points of sale, hours they visit us, device they have, personal data, etc.

Sales are closed at the point of sale.

By showing segmented and targeted advertising, we increase the effectiveness of closing sales. We can also create promotions that users can redeem for interacting with the brand on WiFi, which helps us generate conversions and build customer loyalty

Digital Channel

From the information captured at points of sale, we can integrate the following tools much more effectively

Social Media

We can drive our customers or users to our social networks and increase traffic through advertising and relevant content.

Here is a list of the best social networks for companies and where your business should be to improve market share:

Canal digital


Perhaps the best social network for companies, it allows us to generate dynamic relationships with customers, build a solid brand with the Facebook community, monitor Facebook page activity, ease and breadth to network.


It is a professional network that allows us to search for clients or generate new clients or look for professionals. In addition, it makes it easier for us to have relationships with influential brands.


You can connect with your customers or users on this social network to identify or generate conversations about the brand, identify what customers are talking about your business, answer your customers' questions, provide service and conduct market research.


You can get your customers or users to have a more visual experience. It is ideal for businesses that have products whose designs or photos are very creative and with which the user can interact.


Connect your customers through tutorials or video blogs of your business.


In this social network, products or services are of great importance, show your customers or users news, services, products, events and all the information that is visual about your business.

Tik Tok.

Its importance lies in the fact that it has had a high impact, it is a network based on short and funny videos. The key for businesses is to find how they work within the behavior of the network. It makes it possible to carry out advertising and brand campaigns with interesting results.

CRMs (Email, SMS, WA)

Send SMS’s, emails for communication campaigns, data validation, surveys or satisfaction feedback.

Digital Guideline

By having a profiled and segmented database, you can carry out advertising campaigns that are much more effective and that allow you to meet business objectives at low advertising investment costs.

Currently, businesses that have adopted WiFi marketing as part of their digital transformation strategy invest 65% less in advertising, thanks to the fact that their campaigns are much more effective.


With remarketing we can not only recover abandoned carts, we can also send them personalized offers or promotions to get them to visit our physical business

Estrategias de publicidad

What are the advantages of digital transformation for companies?

The integration of tools and strategies allows us to have some advantages in the digital transformation of businesses:

When the right tools are adopted, processes improve and become more efficient. Businesses continue to maintain their traditional channel, but at the same time digital channels are gaining prominence.

Companies that adopt omnichannel digital transformation strategies have the advantage over those that only have traditional channels. This allows users to have a better experience, diversify services, make better decisions, and drive growth.

Getting to know your users or customers better reduces the costs of investing in advertising or digital marketing strategies and increases business competitiveness.

Omnichannel in digital transformation is designed to improve customer service and sales in traditional or digital channels. Therefore, you get more satisfied customers and a high probability of loyalty.

Digital transformation allows for two-way communication with users or customers, enabling the ability for customers to relate and communicate with the brand, generating a positive effect on customer service processes.

By knowing your customers or users, you can provide a better experience with more agile services and direct communication that will help your business attract, convert and build loyalty in a better way.

A business’s data can be converted into actions to achieve a greater impact on the market, allowing better decisions to be made to achieve business objectives.

Solutions for the digital transformation of businesses

Digital transformation is key to boosting your company or business in today’s market.

Many companies have opted for the process of digital transformation that is done by integrating the WiFi Marketing tool, becoming a success story and constant growth.

Find out how you can apply this tool in the digital transformation of your business:

Digital Transformation: Examples and Strategies to Sell More in Your Business

Some uses of WiFi marketing as a tool in the digital transformation of businesses that customers have given them:

How to implement digital transformation in your business?

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