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What is WiFi Marketing and what is it for?

WiFi Marketing or WiFi Marketing is a tool that turns the WiFi of commercial establishments into a powerful marketing tool at the point of sale. With this tool, what is done is to create interaction with the user, so that they interact with advertising strategies for loyalty, communication or to capture relevant data that allow the implementation of more effective digital strategies and achieve the achievement of the commercial objectives of the companies.

Thanks to the technologies applied by OhmyFi, today WiFi Marketing can be present in all types of commercial establishments, which can be from: Restaurants, cafeterias, bars, shopping malls, airports, hotels, education centers, banks or mass transportation systems.

But let’s take a closer look at WiFi Marketing, how does it work, and why should you implement it if your company has a commercial establishment?

What is WiFi Marketing?

WiFi Marketing is an ideal marketing tool for businesses or commercial establishments, as it allows you to capture data to get to know your customers or users better, interact with them through surveys or questions and advertising guidelines of your own or other brands.

This marketing tool allows you to know in detail what the tastes and preferences of your visitors or customers are, interact with them and show them advertising for products or services that we want to highlight or offer promotions to users in a segmented way. Likewise, it allows us to generate income through the monetization and advertising of other brands interested in reaching your customers.

WiFi Marketing is an incredible tool to generate value to your customers, attract them, generate repurchase or loyalty strategies, communicate, increase the sales of your business or company and reduce the costs you invest in advertising.

How to use WiFi Marketing?

Generally, WiFi marketing is used in businesses or companies that offer free WiFi to their visitors or customers and it is through this (WiFi) that a captive portal is created, where the user must pass to view or leave information that leads him to connect correctly to the free Internet offered by the commercial establishment.

Brands can use WiFi marketing in three different ways:

Own marketing, where companies take advantage of their WiFi points in commercial establishments to communicate their products, promotions and loyalty campaigns.

Advertising Marketing is used especially in places where there is a high influx and brands are interested in being able to carry out communication strategies or marketing campaigns in commercial establishments. What we do there is basically sell advertising space so that brands can reach those audiences that a different commercial establishment has than theirs. For example, it is widely used in airports, stadiums, mass transit systems or shopping malls.

Mixed Marketing, which is a hybrid model between the previous two, where the brand can communicate its communication, loyalty and marketing strategies. But additionally, it also allows you to place advertising guidelines from other companies, thus generating a digital monetization model with other brands.

Why is WiFi Marketing important in your business or company?

The information that is captured through the captive portal is used to implement more effective digital marketing strategies, since by having a better knowledge of the customer, we can show or deliver what they are really interested in or looking for.

By generating value for customers by knowing their preferences and tastes, we can get them interested in our products or services. This will allow us to meet the commercial objectives of our brand or company, increase repurchase (loyalty) and get new customers. When we create marketing campaigns knowing our users or customers in detail, we can obtain impressive results and reduce by up to 60% what is invested in advertising campaigns.

In addition, when the user or customer seeks to connect to the free WiFi of your commercial establishment, they will first have to go through a captive portal, where you can show them brand advertising, with the products or services that you want to highlight from your business or with the products or services that have been previously identified as of interest to the user. Likewise, you will be able to have total control over the free WiFi connections of your business.

You can also take advantage of the large influx of your points of sale and the connections to your WiFi to generate extra income, showing advertising from other brands that may be interested in reaching your customers.

Steps to implement the WiFi Marketing tool in your business or company

We have already talked about what WiFi Marketing is and how this tool helps us understand the preferences of our users or customers in real time. And how from the data we obtain, the interaction and the real opinions of our users or customers, we can make decisions to improve marketing processes and strategies to drive and achieve the business objectives we have set for ourselves.

But how to implement WiFi Marketing in your business? As we have mentioned before, this tool is used in businesses or companies that offer free WiFi to their users or customers.

In that order of ideas, to implement WiFi marketing in your business or company, it is important that you count or are offering free WiFi to your visitors. If you are already doing this, we would only have to implement the marketing tool (WiFi Marketing), if you still do not provide free internet to your users, don’t worry. The next step is to be able to implement the WiFi service and then the tool that will help you improve your indicators and marketing and advertising strategies.

If you already offer free WiFi in your commercial establishment or you do not yet offer it and you want to implement the WiFi Marketing tool in your business to attract, communicate, retain and sell more, Contact us! The entire OhmyFi team will be available to help and advise you on the implementation and use of the marketing tool.

Brands and companies that already implement WiFi Marketing

They already implement WiFi Marketing. They generate better experiences for their users or customers who visit them and monetize their WiFi networks.

Costs of implementing WiFi Marketing

As WiFi marketing integrates with Access Points (APs), the cost of implementing this tool will depend a lot on how many Access Points you need in your commercial establishment. Actually, it is something very relative, many times only one AP is needed to put the tool to work or sometimes many more of these equipment are required to irradiate the internet when the commercial establishment is very large.

Knowing the cost of the implementation of WiFi Marketing depends on some factors that must be analyzed beforehand, this is why it is important to contact our OhmyFi team, since this way you will have clarity about the costs associated or that will be generated when implementing WiFi Marketing in your business or company.

The possibilities you have with this marketing tool are endless.

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Implementa WiFi Marketing para atraer clientes, fidelizar, comunicar y vender más

Implement WiFi Marketing to attract customers, build loyalty, communicate and sell more.