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WhatsApp Marketing: How to include strategies for your marketing campaigns?

Many companies have perceived that working with a WhatsApp Marketing strategy can bring them many advantages such as expanding their database, closing new sales or facilitating communication with their customers.

Sending individual and personalized messages using the resources of the WhatsApp Business application has allowed you to create an efficient marketing channel to sell products, services and other solutions that you can offer.

WhatsApp Business is easy to create a business account and edit your profile with relevant information for your business, create catalogs to show your products, put direct links, use templates to personalize messages or create automated messages and organize conversations using tags.

They have been one of the great motivators for the creation of strategies that allow interaction with users and increase business sales. In addition, the creation of tools that help us to continue advancing with our digital marketing strategies and with the achievement of our objectives.

The intention of this content is to show you what a Whatsapp Marketing strategy consists of and why it is important to integrate it into your digital marketing strategies. Also, we will show you the most relevant Whatsapp multi-agents that will help you work with the application along with other strategies in the digital environment.

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Discover all the functionalities of the WhatsApp marketing tool offered by these providers and what integrations you could make to enhance your marketing strategies and increase your results.

Multiagentes WhatsApp

What is WhatsApp Marketing and what are its advantages.

WhatsApp marketing is a marketing strategy that consists of making the most of the use and capabilities of the WhatsApp mobile application. The interaction of a marketing strategy with WhatsApp involves actions that range from communicating with your customers to sending valuable content.

In this sense, marketing campaigns with WhatsApp can be part of inbound marketing strategies, customer service, and even inbound sales.

The innovative approach that brands have given to the WhatsApp application has allowed it to expand its use beyond the social and family. The platform offers so many advantages that it cannot be left out of a marketing strategy, much more so when it brings benefits to your company such as:

  • Optimize time.

  • Improve and optimize the customer service channel.

  • Expand sales volume and ensure recurring sales.

  • Have a global and robust growth strategy, synchronized with your other digital marketing actions.

In turn, you can create a plan for the actions you want to implement through the WhatsApp marketing channel, customize them and use them in conjunction with other strategies you are using.

WhatsApp Marketing

How to use WhatsApp in your digital marketing strategies

While WhatsApp is one of the apps we use the most throughout the day, it’s not the only one where your users or customers may be having contact with your brand. Your audience or target audience may be being impacted through other marketing channels, such as your Instagram feed or email inbox.

The clear recommendation we want to leave is to use the different channels to guarantee the attention of your audience in the best possible way. In other words, diversify your marketing strategies as much as possible.

This is important, because it guarantees to get results with WhatsApp marketing in its correct use. And you get a synergy with other digital marketing strategies, keeping your audience’s attention during the purchase process, generating an increase in your conversion rates.

Marketing strategies with WhatsApp

When defining a marketing strategy with WhatsApp, it is important to take into account what you do with the other marketing channels and specifically define the actions you want to take on WhatsApp.

Therefore, when executing any type of marketing campaign on WhatsApp, it is vital to have a plan that allows us to guide communication, interaction with users, and the follow-up of each of the actions.

Having a plan allows us to execute any type of campaign, minimizing possible errors that could arise. Errors can be seen by users as a lack of preparation of the company for the attention of its users and this is fatal to the objectives of the business.

In addition, by creating a schedule, we can guarantee that we respond to all the messages that arrive and maintain fluid and fast communication so that the user remains interested. Not giving a quick response to user queries on WhatsApp possibly causes you to lose a customer, as well as credibility in this channel.

Define your WhatsApp marketing goals

Being clear about the objectives for your marketing strategy with WhatsApp is absolutely necessary, for this it is important that you ask yourself and answer questions such as:

  • Why use WhatsApp marketing? What benefits do I get or expect to get

  • How will I use it? If it’s for customer service, improving conversion rate, sending valuable content, etc

  • When will I use it? All the time 24/7, weekends only or seasonally.

  • And who audience am I going to address it to? Defining a specific buyer persona for your marketing campaigns with WhatsApp can be the best option to know who I’m going to target.

Why use WhatsApp marketing for your digital marketing strategies

Estrategias de marketing con Whatsapp

WhatsApp is a communication channel that has exclusive features for your marketing campaigns, it is direct, practical and fast like no other. As mentioned above, it is one of the most efficient tools to boost the service and generate more conversions for your business.

If you’re still wondering why execute a marketing strategy with WhatsApp? It is important that you should consider the following:

  1. Marketing strategies with WhatsApp have greater visibility than in any other channel.

  2. There are no algorithms that hurt your reach with users.

  3. You can distribute any type of strategic content.

  4. Improve the experience of your users.

  5. It allows you to validate the success of your shipments.

  6. You optimize its use with the version of WhatsApp Web or Desktop Application.

  7. And it has a wide variety of content formats that you can send to your users or customers.

Mistakes to avoid when using WhatsApp marketing strategies

When we think of a digital marketing strategy, we envision a set of tools and strategies that work synergistically to help us get better results at every stage of the funnel.

By bringing this concept, we see that many of the actions that are carried out by companies for communication with WhatsApp are done in isolation, instead of using a unified strategy with all the other actions that are implemented in the marketing strategy.

Below, we’ll show you some actions you can implement with a unified strategy in mind.

Capture Leads

With a WhatsApp marketing strategy, you can deliver valuable content or other types of formats for your contacts. To avoid delivering this manually, you can work by making use of landing pages that contain forms where your users register contact information.

By creating these pages with a complete form, you can get all the information you want to know and ensure that that data is automatically included in your automation tools.

Some practical ideas for capturing leads with WhatsApp are:

  • Use a WhatsApp button on your website with features that allow your contacts to fill in information and then start a conversation using WhatsApp.

  • Use your WhatsApp profile and status to mention your offers in links to your main landing pages.

  • Creating specific content for the WhatsApp channel is one of the main ways to captivate your potential leads.

  • Use WhatsApp Stories with short, simple links to your landing pages.

  • Segment your WhatsApp database using tags and send your content with landing pages addressed through broadcast groups.

Lead segmentation and communication

Using WhatsApp alone won’t help you do detailed segmentation of your contacts, but you can do this by using lead segmentation in your marketing automation tools.

There you will be able to choose specific factors or key questions that allow you to segment your potential leads in an advanced way and personalize the message for each contact.

Integrate WhatsApp marketing with other digital marketing tools

It’s normal for the sales team to want to communicate via WhatsApp with contacts who are almost ready to close a sale. But to ensure a good result, it is essential to have all the information at hand and facilitate connections in order to quickly close the sale.

One mistake that can’t be allowed is to have salespeople reach out to customers with little information, this can make it difficult to close a sale. That’s why it’s important to be able to integrate a CRM into your WhatsApp marketing strategies.

There you will be able to import all the information you can get with the actions of your digital marketing strategies and manage the closing of sales.

Marketing con WhatsApp

WhatsApp multi-agent for bulk message sending

After learning about some features and advantages of WhatsApp marketing and how you can take advantage of this to get better results for your company, we hope that you can do the integration of marketing strategies with WhatsApp and other actions or strategies to boost your company’s sales.

To do this, we want to provide you with the main WhatsApp multi-agents, with which you can obtain tools that allow you to use the functionalities of WhatsApp marketing and increase the results of your company or business.

WhatsApp Multi-Agent and Key Features of Your Marketing Tool

WhatsApp Multi-AgentSetAppFrontSirenappMessageBirdWati.ioB2ChatLeadsalesTreble.aiRespond.ioCasengo
Supported Platforms




Integrated CRM
Download the Complete WhatsApp Multi-Agent Matrix

Discover all the functionalities of the WhatsApp marketing tool offered by these providers and what integrations you could make to enhance your marketing strategies and increase your results.

Multiagentes WhatsApp

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